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Hollywall HWAL is Closing the Digital Divide and Serving Underserved Communities with 5G, Rural Broadband Networks and Opportunity Zones. Hollywall Development Company, LLC HWDC is a subsidiary of Hollywall Entertainment, Inc.,HWAL, a minority majority controlled and operated consortium company.

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Darnell and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser: Meet on Opportunity Zones.

ReOpen DC Committee | Transportation and Infrastructure…

Darnell Sutton has accepted appointment by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to join Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for the ReOpen DC Advisory Group Mayor Muriel Bowser Washington DC ReOpen DC Committee | Transportation and Infrastructure Government Co-Chairperson Lucinda Babers Community Co-Chairperson Dan Tangherlini Legal Advisor Glenn Dubin Public Health Advisor Dr. John Davies-Cole Associate Committee Director…

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A Publicly Traded Company

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