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Super Agent, World Boxing Champion & Business Mogul Join Forces to Present “Knockout Season 3” Celebrity Edition

Darnell Sutton,  Roy Jones Jr.,  Andrew Ruf,  Steven Marcano.

Just like a champion, it is undisputed that a reality based sports show exists on television that can compete with “Knockout Season 3.”

After receiving the green light in a quiet manner, there have been discussions to turn this show all the way up to Emmy status.

Here are the facts! The executive producer and agents are locking in Emmy nominated director John Herzfeld. Herzfeld is a well- respected figure in Hollywood for his stellar body of work and is also a major figure in the boxing world. He has bought both his loves together in the “Don King Story Only in America” for HBO’s original movie.

Executive Producer Steven Marcano was in Las Vegas last week with the President of Paradigm, Andrew Ruf, Boxing Legend Roy Jones Jr., and Darnell Sutton, to secure a site location for this season of Knockout, as well as hiring some of the boxing world’s past and present largest names. A formal site announcement which will include the naming of cast members which include one of the sport’s most prominent members of the Boxing Hall of Fame, appearing on “Knockout Season 3” will take place in the near future..

While there is no firm schedule, filming should start late July 2016, upon completion of a 10 -city press tour and casting to promote the show. Casting and press tours begin May 26 in Los Angles.

This show is a staple which has already showcased boxing’s biggest names. Additionally, this boutique show is changing many individual’s view points by securing the best directors, producers, agents, show runners, sponsors, advertising agencies, and public relations companies while on a modest budget.

A full list of gyms and casting dates will be released on boxing web sites on May 10.