United States Conference of Mayors 88th Winter Meeting - 2020

The United States Conference of Mayors is the official non-partisan organization of cities with populations of 30,000 or more. There are over 1,400 such cities in the country today. Each city is represented in the Conference by its chief elected official, the mayor.

The United States Conference of Mayors

The Conference holds its Winter Meeting each January in Washington, D.C. and an Annual Meeting each June in a different U.S. city. Additional meetings and events are held as directed by the Conference leadership.

Conference members speak with a united voice on organizational policies and goals. Mayors contribute to the development of national urban policy by serving on one or more of the conference’s standing committees. Conference policies and programs are developed and guided by an Executive Committee and Advisory Board, as well as the standing committees and task forces which are formed to meet changing needs.

During the Conference’s Annual Meeting in June, standing committees recommend policy positions they believe should be adopted by the organization. At this time, every member attending the annual meeting is given the opportunity to discuss and then vote on each policy resolution. Each city, represented by its mayor, casts one vote.

The policy positions adopted at the annual meeting collectively represent the views of the nation’s mayors and are distributed to the President of the United States and Congress.

In addition to the ongoing work of the Conference’s standing committees, mayors are organized into task forces to examine and act on issues that demand special attention such as civic innovation, exports, hunger and homelessness, and brownfields.

The primary roles of the conference are...


Mayors have an opportunity to serve on one of our Standing Committees, and become part of a task force on specific issues. This means you’ll work together with other mayors to adopt policies that give every city a voice. It allows you to examine and act on issues that demand special attention, such as immigration reform, automation, climate change, and rebuilding infrastructure.

Best Practices

Cities are invited to share best practices on how they tackled challenges in a variety of issue areas. These are collected and showcased in various reports, surveys, forums, and on our website. In addition, our awards program makes more than $1 million dollars in grants available. These grants are awarded to the most creative and innovative solutions you and your teams are developing to solve our cities’ challenges.

Business Connections

Through the Mayors Business Council, mayors can work together with the nation’s business leaders to provide opportunities for your city and local businesses. The Conference’s Council on Metro Economies, and the New American City helps our members better understand growth trends. Further, this showcases the competitiveness of our local economies.

Promote Your City

As a Conference member, you can help tell your city’s story. Public events, such as Play Ball give you attention, and serve as an example for others. In addition, the Conference uses social media and the press to promote the great things you are doing in your city.


Serving as mayor is like no other job in the world. Only at the Conference can you connect, network, and share with other mayors, who can appreciate the challenges that come with being the chief executive of a city. Building camaraderie and bonding with your colleagues not only helps you learn how to be a better mayor, it helps build lasting friendships. The Conference provides opportunities to dialogue with mayors on issues affecting your city.