Through the formation of a new wholly-owned subsidiary, (HW Vision), HWAL will offer state of the art services to an ever-growing nationwide digital marketplace to include affordable high-speed internet access, tele-health, energy, web conferencing, domain and hosting, IOT, managed internet services, video broadcasting, and nationwide unlimited talk, text and data cell phone plans.

HW Vision is creating and developing a unique brand of streaming media programming, along with live television and on-demand content, to also include programming from HWAL’s entertainment library and educational programming, as well as its newly developed signature branded HW Vision Cellular equipment and services throughout its network(s) to residential homes and commercial businesses. The HW Vision brand will be introduced and available for purchase to the US marketplace in September 2021.

Hollywall’s key Initiatives include:

  • Design, Engineer, Construct and operate and provide Rural and Urban Wireless and Broadband Telecommunications Network Infrastructure.
  • Involve public-private partnerships.
  • Foster, Develop and implement entrepreneurial and economic development opportunities for minority business enterprises, (MBEs)
  • Provide business training, incubating, occupation training and mentoring programs to minority business enterprises. (MBEs)
  • Promote the growth and global competitiveness of minority business enterprises (MBEs)
  • Work in partnership with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBUCs) and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) to solve the broadband deployment challenges in vulnerable communities and remain competitive in the digital economy and to promote them as hubs of digital applications and innovation with the expansion of broadband networks across HBCU campuses and throughout the rural South.
  • Install Rural Broadband Connectivity throughout agriculture communities to enable farmers to maintain and increase sustainable agricultural production and to use digital tools essential for smarter planting, harvesting, and marketing.
  • During this Covid Pandemic, increase the availability of telemedicine, distance learning, and telebanking services to underserved rural and urban communities.
  • HWDC-GOV continues to grow and expand its US Governmental Affairs and Lobby Division portfolio with its highly specialized representations of the telco industries top and mid-tier telecommunications companies nationwide in their approach to develop broadband networks throughout city and state municipalities by creating sustainable and profitable partnerships with national public works companies and federal agencies through its highly successful ability in negotiating long term approaches towards building healthy business to business enterprise partnerships which lead to both the company and municipalities mutual benefit on behalf of the communities which they both serve.