Hollywall Entertainment, Inc. (OTC: HWAL), a telecommunications, technology, media, entertainment, and broadcasting company advances its footprint into the telecom sector, with the acquisition of a top US Telecommunications company, Omnipoint Technology, Inc., headquartered in Springfield Massachusetts, with locations in, Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA, and New York City. Through the formation of a new wholly-owned subsidiary, (HW Vision), HWAL will offer state of the art services to an ever-growing nationwide digital marketplace to include affordable high-speed internet access, telehealth, energy, web conferencing, domain and hosting, IOT, managed internet services, video broadcasting, and nationwide unlimited talk, text and data cell phone plans.

HW Vision in conjunction with its Omnipoint Technology partner has created and developed a unique brand of streaming media programming, along with live television and on-demand content, to also include programming from HWAL’s entertainment library and educational programming, as well as its newly developed signature branded HW Vision Cellular equipment and services throughout its network(s) to residential homes and commercial businesses. The HWVision brand will be introduced and available for purchase to the US marketplace in January 2021.

Hollywall’s key Initiatives include:

  • Design, Engineer, Construct and operate and provide Rural and Urban Wireless and Broadband Telecommunications Network Infrastructure.
  • Involve public-private partnerships.
  • Foster, Develop and implement entrepreneurial and economic development opportunities for minority business enterprises, (MBEs)
  • Provide business training, incubating, occupation training and mentoring programs to minority business enterprises. (MBEs)
  • Promote the growth and global competitiveness of minority business enterprises (MBEs)
  • Work in partnership with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBUCs) and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TCUs) to solve the broadband deployment challenges in vulnerable communities and remain competitive in the digital economy and to promote them as hubs of digital applications and innovation with the expansion of broadband networks across HBCU campuses and throughout the rural South.
  • Install Rural Broadband Connectivity throughout agriculture communities to enable farmers to maintain and increase sustainable agricultural production and to use digital tools essential for smarter planting, harvesting, and marketing.
  • During this Covid Pandemic, increase the availability of telemedicine, distance learning, and telebanking services to underserved rural and urban communities.
  • HWDC-GOV continues to grow and expand its US Governmental Affairs and Lobby Division portfolio with its highly specialized representations of the telco industries top and mid-tier telecommunications companies nationwide in their approach to develop broadband networks throughout city and state municipalities by creating sustainable and profitable partnerships with national public works companies and federal agencies through its highly successful ability in negotiating long term approaches towards building healthy business to business enterprise partnerships which lead to both the company and municipalities mutual benefit on behalf of the communities which they both serve.

About Omnipoint Technology

Omnipoint is an award-winning Internet Service Provider and Network Operator based in the US. Omnipoint was established in 2015 to offer a better standard of broadband and technology services nationwide and to give their customers the best possible support, while still offering industry leading prices and outstanding value for money.

As a Certified Minority Business, Omnipoint Technology has put together a world-class team with more than 150 years of combined experience in the telecommunications industry consisting of innovative technology partners. Omnipoint utilizes cutting edge and cost-effective Fixed LTE technology, which is provided to clients at an affordable price with exceptional customer service. Many of the solutions provided by the Omnipoint Technology team are as followed, Wireless Cities, Tele-medicine and Tele-health, LTE Cellphone communications, Live-Streaming, Cable Television and a host of other products and services. Omnipoint utilizes cutting edge and cost- effective Fixed LTE technology, which is provided to clients at an affordable price with exceptional customer service. We are able to deliver wireless fiber backhaul and broadband through fast-and-easy-to-deploy solutions that deliver flawless, predictable performance.

Omnipoint world-class partners include;

  • Crown Castle Fiber – Crown Castle (Crown) is an engineering and construction company providing turnkey telecommunications, infrastructure, and internet services as well as broadband providers. They are a recognized leader in the fiber optic/coax construction, maintenance, emergency restoration, and network engineering marketplace throughout the United States.
  • Microsoft Airband Initiative – Microsoft has developed a strategic approach that brings together private and public-sector organizations to help address the needs of millions of people who live in rural America who lack access to broadband.
  • AT&T – The Omnipoint partnership with AT&T allows Omnipoint to tap into a robust product portfolio, layer in our value added services and deliver tailored solutions such as Network solutions, Virtual Private Networking, Dedicated Internet Access & Broadband, Hosted VoIP, Unified Communications, SIP Trunking, Switched & Dedicated Ethernet, Software Defined Networking, Network Function Virtualization, Managed Hosting & Security Services, Mobility Solutions, Mobile Devices & Service Plans, Mobile Device Management, Internet of Things, Fleet Solutions, Asset Tracking & Management, and Wireless WAN Solutions.
  • American Towers – American Tower Corporation, one of the largest global Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), is a leading independent owner, operator, and developer of wireless and broadcast communications real estate. Our global portfolio includes approximately 181,000 communications sites, including more than 41,000 properties in the United States.
  • Redline Communications. – Redline has been active in TVWS for years. With more radios deployed in the U.S. than any other country, they are well aware of the benefits and challenges of the band. From their engineering group to field experts, they have developed best practices and methodologies to address the usage and usability of this band in a way that will minimize our customers’ investment and ensure commercially viable deployments.
  • Airspan Networks offers complete RAN and backhaul solutions tailored to address the rural challenge, with a wireline-like performance at a fraction of the cost. High-speed connectivity to underserved homes and businesses in rural communities via FTT, Cable & DSL is too expensive and slow to deploy. The existing low-speed connectivity puts users at a disadvantage, and costs operators valuable revenue with the lack of service. Airspan delivers the most advanced, cost-effective 4G and 5G wireless solutions for rural applications.
  • Siklu. – Siklu brought to the market affordable gigabit capacity for a variety of applications. We created the first mass-produced millimeter wave radio, the EtherHaul™-1200 which is still the most deployed mmWave connectivity solution in the world. Our partnership with Siklu offers technology that brings scalability, multi-gigabit capacity and reliability to the world.
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