Darnell Sutton has accepted appointment by DC Mayor Muriel Bowser to join Transportation and Infrastructure Committee for the ReOpen DC Advisory Group

Darnell and DC Mayor Muriel Bowser: Meet on Opportunity Zones.
Mayor Muriel Bowser Washington DC

ReOpen DC Committee | Transportation and Infrastructure

Government Co-Chairperson
Lucinda Babers
Community Co-Chairperson
Dan Tangherlini
Legal Advisor
Glenn Dubin
Public Health Advisor
Dr. John Davies-Cole
Associate Committee Director
Ciana Creighton
Committee Coordinator
David Jones
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The nature of transportation in the District has been upended by COVID-19. Public and private transportation alike have seen unprecedented declines in use, causing financial distress for public transportation agencies, while also reducing traffic and greenhouse gas emissions. The challenges and opportunities of reopening are particularly pronounced in transportation, where there is an opportunity to reopen even more in line with our goals around multimodal transportation, vision zero, and improved environmental impacts.


The committee will explore equitable, accessible, and sustainable transportation policies that allow each and every District resident get to and from work, home, school, or play safely, while supporting a vibrant and strong neighborhood quality of life. This includes taking advantage of reopening to further multimodal transportation options and use. The committee should recommend how social distancing practices can be met on mass transportation, as well as public spaces and sidewalks, etc.

Including, but not limited to:

  • Transportation (bus, Metro, rail)
  • Private Transportation
  • Cycling lanes
  • Sidewalks and Public Spaces
  • Ride-sharing/Taxis

Committee Members

  • Greg Billing, Community Member
  • Max Brown, Community Member
  • Krystal Brumfield, Community Member
  • Bicky Corman, Community Member
  • Ryan Croft, Community Member
  • Veronica Davis, Community Member
  • Leif Dormsjo, Community Member
  • David Franco, Community Member
  • George Hawkins, Community Member
  • Monte Monash, Community Member
  • Emeka Moneme, Community Member
  • Kathleen Penney, Community Member
  • Thorn Pozen, Community Member
  • Warner Session, Community Member
  • Darnell Sutton, Community Member
  • Henok Tesfaye, Community Member
  • Harriet Tregoning, Community Member
  • Jeff Marootian, Government Member
  • Paul Wiedefeld, Government Member