Update Letter to the Shareholders

Update Letter to the Shareholders

Shareholder Update March 2016

Dear Shareholders,

I am writing to keep you informed about Hollywall Entertainment, Inc. (OTC:HWAL). Here are the vital steps we have taken so far this year towards realizing our goal of becoming a major consumer and business entertainment industry conglomerate:

  • Signed a long-term lease agreement for offices and world-class production facilities in SkywayStudios, Nashville, TN, to initiate Hollywall original productions.
  • Launched the Hollywall public-relations/promotion campaign with Hollywood-based journalistsat Bloomberg Business News.
  • Held meetings with two of the world’s leading Hollywood agencies to sign major talent andcreate ongoing strategic alliances with Hollywall.
  • Hollywall continues to meet with its established investor base and expand its investor relationsto raise additional funds for the ongoing development of the Hollywall digital technology platforms.


Skyway Studios is a world-class entertainment production center. After an intensive search for the most advanced broadcast and video production studio operations, Hollywall Productions has signed along-term agreement with Skyway Studios, Nashville, TN. This 16-acre, 125,000-square-foot media complex houses seven large full-capacity sound stages, a flexible insert studio for live shots, two HD broadcast control rooms, a fiber optic and satellite distribution, executive/management office space, and hi-tech post-production and edit suites.

Skyway Studios is a perfect fit for Hollywall because it is a turnkey, full-service facility with top-of-the-line sound stages on a guarded studio lot, highly skilled crew members, HD, international satellite and teleport broadcasting, internet streaming and on-site caterers.

Skyway sound stages and production facilities will enable Hollywall to produce original television programming as well as broadcast television, music, and movies all around the world. Productions will launch in September. Hollywall will move into Skyway Studios later this month.


Public Relations campaign launched with Bloomberg Business News, Hollywood, CA.

Darnell Sutton met with Chris Palmieri, head of the Hollywood office of Bloomberg Business News, and the lead entertainment beat reporter, to bring them up-to-date on the Hollywall story so that they are familiar with our company and its vision for the entertainment industry.

Our recently appointed public relations counsel, Stern & Co., introduced us to the Bloomberg team, giving us the opportunity to familiarize them with Hollywall and how its unique attributes will revolutionize the entertainment licensing industry. From this meeting, we hope to establish a relationship that will lead to the publication of our news announcements as they are produced.

In Hollywood, management also met with two of the world’s leading talent agencies to secure contracts and sign major entertainment industry figures to work and partner with Hollywall. At the same time, management met with its established investor base as well as new prospective investors to raiseadditional funds to enable our expansion and acquisition programs. Our ongoing technology program is in the process of moving to the Skyway Studio facilities, giving it much needed space and capability.

In closing, we have accomplished a great deal in a relatively short period of time and we will continue to focus on our accelerated growth track. We are building a great company and remain committed to pursuing initiatives that maximize value for all Hollywall stakeholders.

I sincerely appreciate the confidence that you have placed in our management team and myself.



Darnell Sutton

Chairman and CEO