Hollywall Development Company “HWDC”

HWDC helps to Rebuild Infrastructure

HWDC is Infrastructure

Building, Restoring, Recovering …Innovating in Opportunity Zones

Construction by the HWDC team

HWDC is Housing

HWDC … building stronger communities for a brighter future.

Hollywall's Education program “Studio in a Box” introduces the Audio/Video Technology & Film Industries to high school students

HWDC is Education

Making possible “Brighter Futures” by creating the environments conducive to learning for our generations of promise.

Hollywall Development Company, “HWDC”…

is a majority controlled, and operated consortium enterprise company led by its Founder and President/CEO, Darnell Sutton, is an award-winning visionary, strategist, and entrepreneur. HWDC consists of seasoned corporate executives from major industries along with partnerships including Investment banks, Global Capital Funds, Public Financial and Wealth Management firms, Construction and Engineering companies, Federal agencies, State and Local governments, Non-profits, Faith-based Organizations, and Housing authorities. HWDC is building, restoring, and creating “SMART” Cities/ Communities and networks throughout the US. Areas of HWDC services, initiatives, and investments include Broadband and 5G Networks, IOT, Smart City technologies, affordable housing, energy, schools and education, transportation, clean water, waste management, and a green environment.

HWDC is comprised of dozens of corporate partners and businesses including MBE, Minority Business Enterprises) WBE (Women’s Business Enterprises) and Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) certified companies.

HWDC Making Futures Possible.

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