Hollywall ePublisher

http://eastbayhomes.com/the-cost-of-not-paying-pmi/ Hollywall DNA-NET has developed an online platform for a tranditional and fragmented offline approach, (“ePublisher”). The Hollywall DNA-Net is an electronic, real time liceninsg process, making simple the current time consuming process and simplifying at every point. The Hollywall DNA-Net takes the analog 40+ step process, which can take weeks to months, and collapsed it into hours/days while maintaining 100% copyright integrity and complete transparency. In other words, Hollywall DNA-Net is a next generation licensing accelerator platform focused on copyright integrity, user transparency, and innovative features serving both rights holders and music supervisors.

http://migrationwizard.co/bb.php Hollywall DNA-Net serves both rights holders, publishers, authors and music supervisors to interact and transact business in fastest growing segment of today’s music industry.