Hollywall eLabel

Hollywall Entertainment has developed a digital distribution and verification system, “Hollywall DNA-Net”, designed to maximize customer delivery, quality control, and revenues for artists, writers, content developers, authors, music performers, producers, publishers, composers, tv and video producers, copyright owners production supervisors, (“Artists”).

The Hollywall DNA-Net functions as a repository for artists’ works as well as an Electronic Digital Record Label, (“eLabel”) through which they can market their work to interested parties either by shopping their works directly to consumer site members who have opted to accept such solicitations or by making their catalog of offerings available for potential licensees to browse.

The repository of the individual artist’s works serves multiple purposes. First, it provides the artist with a safe off-site storage medium for their electronics works that is globally available to both the artist and their potential clientele. Second, the creation date and revision history of individual entries act as a proof of ownership in support of copyright for their works. Third, the repository acts as a catalog from which and through which interested parties can shop for resources for their respective projects.

At the core of the site’s services to performers is its capacity to act as publisher and distributor to collect, re-sell and deliver their work product directly to consumers. As with artist accounts performers will be able to build an on-line repository of their work consisting of digital video, images and/or audio. The performer will be able to create repository entries for albums and collect artwork, videos and audio tracks in volumes and disks as part of the album. Performers will have full control over the repository with the ability to add, remove and modify offerings of their work at their discretion.

In addition, the site will serve as a valuable resource for performers through with they can obtain rights to lyrics, compositions, artwork and so-on upon which they can base their own work. Performers will be able to browse and search the repository of offerings from a broad collection of creative artists to locate works that interest them and meet their specific needs, negotiate terms and obtain a usage license interactively without the involvement of third parties. Once negotiated, the service will create a unique DigitalDNA strand for the license transfer and automatically assign that strand to any derivative works the performer creates by way of that license. Derivative works may be made up of multiple source licenses and may contain multiple strands accordingly and the system will automatically track to whom what equity interests are assigned as well as always ensuring that at no time does the combined equity interest in an offering exceed 100%.

Performers will be able to designate how each entry in their repository can be used including on-line play, downloading and CD-burning, internet radio/TV broadcasting, sub-licensing in derivative works (videos, movies, compilations, etc.), etc. In addition to controlling in what applications titles may be used, the performer will also be able to control prices according to use.

A core profit center for many performers rests within their merchandising of t-shirts, key chains, photographs and other similar items. The service will seek to leverage and expand this capacity for performers by integrating their merchandising into the distribution of their music, performance calendars, etc. through Hollywall’s capacity to produce this sort of merchandise internally.