Corbel Communications Industries, LLC

HWDC partners with Corbel Communications Industries LLC, (Corbel)

A full-service telecommunications company headquartered in New York, which has successfully designed and built some of the most advanced and complex telecommunications infrastructures for many of the largest Communications companies in the United States. Corbel Communications is the foremost authority on Microtrenching. In addition to Mount Vernon, Corbel is currently involved with projects in New York City, Westchester County, Connecticut, New Jersey, Austin, TX, San Antonio, TX, Dallas, TX, Atlanta, GA, Charlotte, NC, Fullerton, CA, Irvine, CA, Louisville, KY, and Charlottesville, VA.

Corbel’s team and partners over the last 10 years, have become premier leaders in the telecommunications and cabling industry having gained the necessary experience to become an industry expert in the construction, and maintenance of cable, network and communications infrastructure.

The Corbel team has developed installation methods and techniques that continually exceeded and out-performed industry standards.

Corbel is a full service turnkey contractor.

A one stop shop that completes the entire cycle from survey and design through engineering and construction to installations and testing.

Corbel provides complete design, installation, and certification of communication systems wiring. is Corbel committed to 100% client satisfaction and strive to implement comprehensive, integrated solutions, while continually seeking new and innovative ways to improve the capabilities and quality of services provided .

Corbel teams draw from experts with skills in software development, network engineering, cloud, data science and analytics, industrial control systems, and cyber security. Our technical expertise can provide exceptional value, as we deliver innovative tailored solutions to meet the unique operational challenges of each client.

The core components of Corbel’s Telecom solutions include the capability to connect, protect, and analyze operational systems and data. Our solutions connect and integrate systems to achieve automation and data acquisition objectives. We protect and secure your data leveraging our national security grade cyber security services, and analyze your data to deliver business insights and enable machine-to-machine interfaces and control.