Investor Relations

State/date of incorporation:       Nevada/2009

Symbol                                       HWAL

Exchange                                   OTC Pink

Trading                                       Yes

Authorized shares:                     300,000,000 common
                                                          100,000 preferred

Shares outstanding:                         207,992  common
Total Shares in DTC                        133,578  common

                                                          43,000    preferred

Company business:                   Entertainment & Media

Stock Information:

Hollywall Entertainment, Inc. announces a 1 – 1,400 Reverse Split of “Hollywall Entertainment, Inc.” (HWAL) .

This corporate action took  effect at the open of business 6/27/2017. The new symbol will be HWALD. The “D” will be removed in 20 business days and the symbol will revert back to HWAL


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Hollywall Entertainment, Inc. announces restructure of its Common Stock