HollyWall Letter to the Shareholders

Dear Shareholders,

As this new year begins we are delighted to share with you the major strides in building Hollywall Entertainment (HWAL) towards becoming a major media and entertainment conglomerate. In addition to producing our own music and feature properties, our plan is to realize the valuable rights we hold in music, film, television, video and software game libraries. We will provide exciting live event specials, music, radio, TV and movie entertainment. In addition, we are building a robust digital network platform and databases that support the various elements of media and entertainment industries.
During 2015, Hollywall prepared the company for growth by restructuring HWAL stock, reorganizing the company into business divisions that reflect their business lines and targeted markets and building the corporate infrastructure to support our vision of becoming a global entertainment leader.
To this end, the company continued its development of Hollywall DNA-Net, a superior digital distribution and verification system, which will be the heart of our business-to-business operations.  Hollywall DNA-Net’s database is a groundbreaking, much-needed enterprise that increases the revenue of the major artists, writers, content developers and copyright owners we work with–while at the same time enhancing customer delivery and quality control.
We have exciting projects in the works for 2016 and beyond, but first here is a summary of Hollywall’s major activities and accomplishments in 2015.

New Media Networks
Hollywall has introduced three major business lines that embody the Hollywall vision of serving both consumers and entertainment industry participants. These new media networks are: hollywallmusic.com, hollywall.tv, and hwradio.com. They are part of the Hollywall Digital Media division.

Hollywall Music- www.hollywallmusic.com
We believe Hollywall Music’s digital distribution and verification system is revolutionary and will change how the media and entertainment industries conduct their businesses in the future. “Hollywall DNA-Net” is an electronic, real-time licensing process simplifying the current time-consuming, costly procedure for obtaining rights by and for artists, writers, content developers, authors, music performers, producers, publishers, composers, TV and video producers, copyright owners and production supervisors. Instead of taking weeks or months to establish a license, Hollywall DNA-Net collapses the process into hours/days while maintaining 100% copyright integrity and transparency.
Hollywall DNA-Net will increase revenue of Hollywall Entertainment. With Hollywall DNA-Net’s next generation licensing platform users can transact business rapidly in today’s music industry, improving customer delivery and quality control.Also, Hollywall DNA-Net is a repository for artists’ works as well as an Electronic Digital Record Label, (“eLabel™”) through which artists can market their creative works.  They can market either by shopping their works directly to consumer site members who have opted to accept such solicitations or by making their catalog of offerings available for potential licensees to browse.

Hollywall TV-www.hollywall.tv
On December 14, 2015, Hollywall signed an Asset Purchase Agreement with OpenVision Networks, Inc. OpenVision is a cutting edge, innovative web-based broadband digital communication company providing a real, high definition television experience, complete with channels and pay-per-view and on-demand offerings, similar to linear television at Comcast, DirectTV and Dish Networks. It will be operated as HollyVision, Inc.

HW Radio-www.hwradio.com
On HWRadio.com, users can listen to their favorite artists’ songs and extensive music collections in many genres from decades of legendary performances from the Hollywall music libraries and from other sources. Additionally, music industry members can research potential licensable music and content.

Corporate and Stock Restructuring: Legal Matters, Reverse Merger, Share Listing
As we prepared for future growth, the company restructured its stock and its listing information and added corporate infrastructure services.

On Feb 18, 2015, Hollywall named as its securities counsel, Simon Kogan of New York-based Kogan Law firm, www.koganlaw.net.

On July 27, 2015, Hollywall Entertainment, Inc. restructured its capital stock by reversing its issued and outstanding common capital stock by a ratio of one for 77, reducing common shares outstanding to 1,862,100.

On July 27, 2015, Hollywall Entertainment was issued the new Cusip Number of 436122204.

On February 15, 2015, Hollywall named Stern & Co., www.sternco.com, as  its  public relations agency. Based in New York and Los Angeles, Stern & Co. is a leading  media consulting agency with clients that have included Merrill Lynch, Edward Jones, Muriel Siebert & Co., Jefferies & Co. as well as Sam Zell of Equity Group Investments, the Apollo Theatre and Panera Bread. The agency’s expertise is media relations. The results are media placements in major media outlets. As a senior editor at Forbes, founder Richard Stern won the prestigious Loeb award, likened to the  Pulitzer in financial journalism. Co-founder Stephanie Stern was previously an NBC-TV News editor and producer.

On December 31, 2015, the company engaged Cleartrust LLC, www.cleartrustonline.com, as their stock transfer agent replacing Signature Stock Transfer Agency. ClearTrust is a full service stock transfer agent offering robust shareholder record keeping and compliance services to growing issuers.

In preparation for incoming senior management appointees, Co-Founder Roxanna Green is transitioning from the office of COO to assume the position of President of Hollywall Digital Media.

2016 The Year Ahead
We are honored to present Hollywall Entertainment companies to the marketplace. Our main focus throughout this year is the continued emphasis on aggressive growth strategies for the company.

The management is pleased to work with some of the most brilliant and talented Hollywood and Wall Street executives, who have a combined shared experience of more than 150 years of industry-recognized excellence. Hollywall Entertainment intends to continue to represent the best of family entertainment and media companies, with integrity as a creative force for consumers and a valued partner to its shareholders.

Our team of music, film, video, software, and sports entertainment executives is focusing on expanding the company through the acquisition of select entertainment companies that currently produce music, television, film and interactive media entertainment and the production of new music as well as small market television station properties.
The power of Hollywall management gives Hollywall an unmatched competitive advantage. The management has knowledge, experience and expertise in every arm of the entertainment, media and communications industries with relationships of many years standing.

In closing, we have accomplished a great deal in a relatively short period of time and we will continue to focus on our accelerated growth track. We are building a great company and remain committed to pursuing initiatives that maximize value for all Hollywall (HWAL) stakeholders.

I remain grateful for the confidence that you have placed in our management team and myself. We all look forward to making 2016 a great year.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to a healthy and prosperous year!

Darnell Sutton
Chairman and CEO